EPE'17 ECCE Europe - Social Events


Date: Tuesday, September 12th on site, at 7 pm, in the Exhibition Room

When obsolete laboratory devices meet sound and video: Welcome party experimental audiovisual performance with Biblioteq Mdulair and Synkie from Switzerland.
With its oscilloscopes, sinusoidals, and frequency sweeps, BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR is a sound installation made of analgue function generators producing all kind of waveforms, exploring vibrations, tickeling resonances, and creating breathing beats.
SYNKIE is an analogue ecosystem for video manipulation created by [ a n y m a ]. This modular video synthesiser stands as the perfect alter-ego of legendary Moog and works as a true analogue processor for distributinge moving images on dozens of CTR televisions.

More information: http://ooo.szkmd.ooo/biblioteq-mdulair-baltic-tour/



Date: Wednesday, September 13th at 7 pm

The Gala Dinner will take place in the KUBICKI ARCADES: Arkady Kubickiego, Plac Zamkowy 4, 00-001 Warszawa.
Dinner will start at 7pm with welcome drinks on the terrace above the entrance to the Arcades.

The location of the Arcades is within a 30 minute walk from Palace of Culture and Science.
There is also possibility to use public transportation – bus number 160 will take you from station Sala Kongresowa 09 directly to the Zamek królewski 01.

This beautiful and monumental building is located in the Castle's gardens which are gradually being restored. It’s new role makes reference to the Arcades' original use (since Kubicki intended the street to be used for trading purposes). There will also be the added attraction of entering the Royal Castle by escalator.






More information about the Kubicki Arcades: https://www.zamek-krolewski.pl/en/the-kubicki-arcades-and-the-royal-gardens/the-kubicki-arcades


IEEE YP Meet-up @ EPE’17 – ECCE Europe

Date: Tuesday, September 12th, after Welcome Reception



The Young Professionals Mee-up will take place on Tuesday, 12 September, right after the Welcome Reception.
It will be held at 20:00 hours (8 p.m.) in the Centre of Innovations and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology (4 Rektorska St., ground floor), located about 1,5 km south of the Conference place.

You Are Invited!
An opportunity to mingle, interact, learn from the best minds of IEEE and IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and have some fun!
IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and IEEE Poland Section cordially invite you to join this event to learn from the life journey of the biggest leaders in power electronics at EPE’17 – ECCE Europe along with an evening well spent talking to people from across the globe.
This year, the IEEE PELS Students and Young Professionals and the IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group (AG) from Poland Section will jointly host this event – IEEE YP Meet-up @ EPE’17 – ECCE Europe. It will specially be filled with distinguished speeches, meeting new power electronics peers, learning about the best practices in industry and academia, and having loads of fun with complimentary drinks and snacks. This event is free and open to all students, young professionals, and engineers. So, make sure you don’t miss this wonderful chance to make new friends and meet new people.

Please register until 1st of September 2017 at https://goo.gl/ZcDYFU to mark your presence for this amazing evening at EPE’17 – ECCE Europe in Warsaw.

IEEE PELS Students and Young Professionals Committee
IEEE Poland Section Young Professionals AG Committee



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