Keynote speakers

Tuesday - September 12, 2017
Power Quality – An Essential Element of Today’s Quality of Life
Zbigniew Hanzelka
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

Zbigniew Hanzelka - Professor at the AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow (Poland), Department of Power Electronic and Energy Control Systems. Head of the Laboratory for power quality and Center for Photovoltaic Research. Author and co-author of many scientific papers, reports and books. Associate editor of magazine Electrical Power Quality and Utilization. Area of research interests includes quality of electricity supply, comprising the co-operation of renewable energy power system and issues, related to technology platform of smart grids. Contractor of many research projects and work for the industry. Member of scientific committees of international and national conferences, international and national technical organizations, member of Electrotechnical Committee Polish Academy of Sciences.

Wednesday - September 13, 2017
Current Status of High Voltage SiC Devices
John Palmour
Wolfspeed, US

Dr. John W. Palmour is the Chief Technology Officer for Wolfspeed, a Cree company. He directs and conducts the Power Device, Microwave device, and materials development for Wolfspeed. He was one of the co-founders of Cree in 1987, and served on the Board of Directors for the company from 1995 to 2010. Dr. Palmour has been a leader in SiC and GaN device development for the last 30 years, and has demonstrated numerous firsts in these technology areas. He has been responsible for the development of high voltage, 4H-SiC power transistors and diodes, as well as high frequency GaN HEMTs and MMICs. During his career, he has authored or co-authored more than 365 publications and is a co-inventor on 65 U.S. patents. Dr. Palmour received his B.S. and Ph.D degrees from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, in 1982 and 1988, respectively, where his major was in Materials Science and Engineering. Dr. Palmour became a Fellow of the IEEE in 2013.

Wednesday - September 13, 2017
On Experiences of SiC Power Components in Industrial Converters
Per Ranstad
GE Power Sweden AB, Sweden

Per Ranstad (M’03) was born in Högby, Sweden, 1958. He received the M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Lunds Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden, in 1987, the Licenciate and the PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden, in 2004 and 2010 respectively.
He has been with GE Power Sweden, Växjö, since 1985, serving different positions in R&D and product management related to power electronics and control.
His main interest is highly efficient power converters for industrial applications. Specific topics of research are: resonant power converters, power semiconductors and high frequency magnetics.
Per has served the ‘SiC Power Center’ (Sweden) as chairman since 2012.
He is author and co-author of more than 50 publications and patents in power electronics and control.

Thursday - September 14, 2017
The Dream of Efficient Energy Storage – From BESS, KERS & Co to the Hybrid Power Plant
Alfred Rufer
EPFL, Switzerland

Alfred Rufer (1951) received the M.S. degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1976. In 1978, he joined ABB where he was involved in the fields of high power electronics and control. In 1993, he became an Assistant Professor at EPFL.
Since 1996, he has been a full professor and head of the Industrial Electronics Laboratory, EPFL. He has authored or coauthored more than 200 publications on power electronics and applications, and he holds several patents. Alfred Rufer’s research activities focus on one hand on power converters as modular multilevel converters in asymmetric or hybrid topologies.
Another important field initiated by Alfred Rufer is dedicated to energy storage, where many applications have been studied. Other new developments have recently been presented, as the example of a low aging, easy to recycle, hybrid energy storage device based on compressed air.
In 2006, Alfred Rufer was elected to the IEEE Fellow grade.
From 1st March 2016 Alfred Rufer is professor emeritus



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