Dear Participants, dear Colleagues,

It was our great privilege to host you in Warsaw. We are delighted you were able to meet us at the conference. We hope that together we managed to create an unforgettable event for all of us. Thank you for top-notch scientific presentations! Thank you for visiting us as exhibitors! Thank you for supporting the event in all other possible ways! In particular, let us acknowledge the hard-working teams from the EPE Association and from the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics – the latter being a part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering within the Warsaw University of Technology. Without them we wouldn’t be in Warsaw enjoying our time among so many bright minds. Big thanks go to all of you!

Our idea was to share with you not only the research achievements but also our culture, including Polish cuisine. We hope that you found this part of the meeting equally satisfactory and that the food tested delicious and the selection was unique.

And now let us bring back some memories by sharing several photo galleries prepared especially for you. Please use them also to help us spread the word about the EPE conferences among your colleagues. Stay safe and see you next year in Riga!

The Conference General Co-Chairs
Lech Grzesiak, Mariusz Malinowski, Jacek Rąbkowski, Bartłomiej Ufnalski


Photo Gallery

Please clik the photo to see the photo galleries from the EPE'17 ECCE Europe conference.

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